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Traffic tickets are issued in the State of Missouri by the Highway Patrol and local law enforcement agencies for various traffic violations. These may adversely impact your driver’s license because each type of ticket carries a different number of “points” that may be assessed against your license. Once a certain number of “points” is reached, your license is suspended. In addition, “points” on your driving record may result in significantly increased insurance premiums.

Depending on the type of violation charged and the jurisdiction in which the violation occurred, an attorney may be able to assist you in negotiating a plea arrangement with the prosecuting attorney that will reduce the charges to a non-moving (no point) or lesser (fewer points) violation. You can expect the fines for this will be greater than if you simply plead guilty to the ticket as written.

You must respond to a ticket by the date indicated on the ticket or a warrant may be issued for your arrest and your driver’s license may be suspended. The date by which you must respond and the required manner of your response are indicated on the ticket, usually on the top. The manner in which you must respond to a traffic ticket are: mailing in the fine and costs or, a court appearance.

Please be aware that if your ticket permits you to mail in the fine and court costs without a court appearance, and you do so without obtaining an attorney to assist you, you are admitting guilt to the charged offense and points will be assessed against your driving record. Likewise, if you appear in court and enter a plea of guilty to the charge, points will be assessed against your driving record. Also, if you simply go to the court clerk and pay the ticket directly, points will be assessed against your driving record.

If you have already sent the money through the mail, entered a plea of guilty or simply paid the court clerk, an attorney may still be able to assist you when you realize that your insurance rates have increased, or your license is suspended for points. If you meet certain conditions, an attorney can file a motion to set aside the guilty plea you entered and, after that is accomplished, negotiate a plea with the prosecutor for a non-moving (no point) or lesser (fewer points) violation.

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